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How We Begun

Parduh - what does it mean? Well it can mean many things. You can use the literal meaning which means curtain or you can take it as being covered. I am using it as a form of modesty.

To do parduh meaning to keep covered.

How did we start you ask? Well for years I would find it difficult to find modest clothing that I wanted to wear. Designs which were everyday wear yet modest. And something that wouldn't hurt the purse strings! You see there are many sites nowadays which provide muslim wear but the prices they sell at I found unreasonable. I earn my money by working very hard so to spend £70-100 on a piece of clothing which would soon go out of fashion was not for me and im sure there are many ladies out there like me so hence I launched my very own modest clothing line!

I didn't study fashion design or sewing at school. I am a self taught designer. My mum was a seamstress and I grew up watching her sew. I could always do my own alterations but the real challenge was when I had to sew my first piece from scratch! The cutting of the pattern finding the fabric sewing it was all very difficult but exciting! And after 2 weeks I completed my first piece!

After quickly deciding this is what I wanted to do I have now got 20 pieces in my AW2014  collection! Come find us on instagram @parduh and twitter @parduhboutique